News 2013

NEWS 2013

February 2013


Clothes and food for children in prisons                                                                        

In Spring 2013 Ubumi Prisons Initiative donated clothes, feeding cups and nappies for the babies and toddlers in Lusaka and Mukobeko Prisons. The pregnant women were also supported in preparation for the babies to come.


February 2013


Our New Project: Food for the seriously ill

These prisoners are deemed terminally ill, but not all have to be. Many prisoners are unable to take their medicine (ARV's) to treat AIDS. This is because it is necessary to eat food when the drugs are taken, otherwise the drugs don't work. In prison the diet is very poor and patients are often unable to eat the food. This poses a real threat to their lives. When Anne was recently in Mukobeko Maximum in Zambia she chose to donate food for 48 patients. Unfortunately, due to budget contraints we cannot keep supporting that many prisoners, but we are looking into ways of supporting a selected few, who with food, will stand a chance of survival.


August 2013

Formal organisation established

The founder of Children in Prisons Initiative has long wanted to establish a formal organisation with the mandate of applying for larger funds. A board with experienced and dedicated members with experience from prisons, Zambia and development aid was established with a first meeting in June this year. Yesterday, the articles of association were approved and the organisation formally established. Following the expansion of projects a new name has been selected in collaboration with our Zambian partners. The name is UBUMI PRISONS INITIATIVE.

October 2013


Update on our projects

Our projects are progressing very well. Thanks to extra funds, collected by Christian Hemfort and other well wishers, we are able to support the sick bay and the so-called 'terminally ill section' in Mukobeko Maximum Prison with food (mainly protein), soap, washing detergents and disinfectant. As the inmate coordinator Khuupe Kafunda states: 'We are really making a difference to those guys' lives'. On the Picture Khuupe is taking stock on the received donations in the Deputy Officer in Charge's office, and officer Kelvin Shanene aiding the process.

December 2013


Ubumi Prisons Initiative saves lives

A very special Christmas gift for the Chairman of Ubumi was to see with her own eyes that Ubumi saves lives. In May these two gentlemen were dying, seriously ill of AIDS related disease. One of them weighed only 45 kg, and the other one, weighing much more due to severe swelling of the legs and abdomal p

arts of the body.


In December they had recovered and were healthy and well as a result of the food we provide. The food not only prevents hunger and malnutrition, but it also entails that the body is able to benefit from ARV treatment (AIDS treatment).


Brilliant news.

Ubumi Prisons Initiative works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in prisons, the children aged 0-4 and the seriously ill.

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