News 2015

NEWS 2015

December 2015

Invitation to Extraordinary General Meeting

Members are hereby invited to Ubumi's extraordinary general meeting on the 31th of January 2015 at 15 hrs. in Lyngborghave 26 1 tv, 3460 Birkerød. Sign up on


1. Welcome

2. Election of chair of the meeting and minutetaker

3. Change in Membership Free

4. Election of board stand in's (1-3 persons)

5. AOB

All welcome

On behalf of the board

Anne Egelund


November 2015

Ubumi has received a generous donation of DKK 199,930 for our project for the seriously ill in Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison.

This will make it possible for us to increase the amount of food rations for the critically ill, treat the malnutrition disease beriberi and to train our inmate caregivers to provide better services. It will make a major difference!

Thanks to CISU (DANIDA) for making this possible.


September 2015

Thanks to generous facebook friends, we have collected enough funds to help 4 women with clothes, blankets and other necessities for their soon-to-be-born babies. The mothers had nothing. Thank you!!!

July 2015

Jubilæumsfonden has kindly donated DKK 5,000 for our work in the prisons. Gads Fond has donated DKK 15,000 for the purchase of bibles for Mukobeko Maximum security and Medium security prisons, as well as the female section of Mukobeko. the bibles will be donated this month. 


May 2015


Minutes from the AGM are now available. Write to and we will send them to you. Thanks.



April 2015


Annual General Assembly Coming up


Our yearly General Assembly will take place in Mantziusgården, Johan Mantziusvej 7, 3460 Birkerød on Sunday 12 of April at 14.30. All members and contributors are welcome. Sign up to



1. Welcome and introductions

2. Election of Moderator for the meeting

3. Election of minute-taker

4. Adoption of Agenda

5. The Chairman’s Report on Ubumi’s work in 2014-15 (Anne Egelund)

6. Report on finances (Jens Skov-Spilling)

7. Movie time: A Day in the Life of a prisoner (20 minutes)

8. Presentation Ubumi Strategy for Activities and Fundraising (Anne Egelund)

9. Election of board members and stand-ins

10. Any Other Business

11. Comments and Closing

Ubumi Prisons Initiative works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in prisons, the children aged 0-4 and the seriously ill.

We save lives! Read more about our projects, and support our work. There are many ways of supporting!