News 2017

November 2017

A large maize seed donation to Ubumi from Harvest Plus

Ubumi is constantly working on improving and scaling up nutrition in the Correctional Facilities through both the purchased food as well as the food that is grown through the vegetable gardens at the facilities. We are now starting to grow orange maize in all the facilities we work in. Orange maize is a bio fortified crop which is rich in Vitamin A. Biofortified Vitamin A provides up to 25% of the daily Vitamin A needs for adults and 50-100% for children. Vitamin A deficiency can amongst others lead to night blindness, poor vision, impairing of immunity and growth retardation. A deficiency is considered to be one of the most serious micronutrient deficiencies that affect people in Zambia and the most vulnerable are pregnant, lactating mothers and children below the age of 5. If the deficiency is very severe it can lead to child mortality.

Ubumi has therefore gone into a partnership with HarvestPlus. HarvestPlus improves nutrition and public health by developing and promoting biofortified food crops that are rich in vitamins and minerals, and providing global leadership on biofortification evidence and technology(


HarvestPlus has generously donated 1000kg orange maize seeds to Ubumi. These will be planted in all the facilities that Ubumi work in as well as some of the neighboring facilities. The produce will be used as a substitute for the white maize that the inmates are given because it has a much higher nutritional value. Each and every inmate at the facilities will benefit from this and long term we hope that this will reduce a lot of the illnesses that the inmates are faced with.

You can read more about orange maize and the amazing work of HarvestPlus on their website:

July 2017

The chickens are well and breeding, the fields are producing carrots, tomatoes, banana, onions and so much more. A fish project is underway. Chipata Correctional Facility is flying and doing amazing work with us.

July 2017


Recently, Zambia Correctional Services in Chipata chose to showcase Ubumi's work at the provincial Agriculture Fair. They informed the public and relevant stakeholders of the important work done in Chipata Correctional Facility. We at Ubumi are very pleased and excited that the prison staff took initiative to do this, because it shows their commitment to our common cause of improving health and nutrition in the prisons.

May - August 2017


We are now collecting items in Denmark (on Zealand only) for the Zambian prisons. We are asking for the following for children, juveniles and seriously ill patients in the prisons:

1. Toys, age 0-4 and 8-12

2. Nappies (cotton, washable)

3. Children’s books

4. Bed sheets, pillows

5. Blankets

6. Computers

7. Mattresses (hospital-type with plastic cover)

8. Shelves and boxes for toys

9. Tables and chairs for ‘play corners’

10. Tools for gardening, mechanics and carpentry tools (for training and reintegration)

11. Sewing machines

12. Plastic cups and plastic plates

13. Books for recreation and education for adults

14. Crutches

15. Wheelchairs

16. Walking aids

17. Adult nappies for incontinent seriously ill patients

18. Paint and related things

19. Shoes for adults and children

20. Soap, detergent, etc

21. Fridges and freezers

22. Ovens


Please contact Anne on or on +45 53310136, if you have something you wish to donate. Thank you!

January 2017


Nutrition course in Kamfinsa State Prison (female section).

Recently Ubumi delivered a nutrition course for the women in Kamfinsa State Prison. Carol Chomba, Ubumi's project officer and educated chef delivered a one-day course with basic information on healthy food for child development and general health, which included practical exercises on cooking with the food Ubumi provides every month. The course also includes sessions on planning to make to food last the whole month, and on reducing unhealthy habits such as using too much sugar.

Ubumi Prisons Initiative works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in prisons, the children aged 0-4 and the seriously ill.

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